Exportable Raisin

Price of Golden Raisin

Wholesale Price of Exportable Golden Raisin in Iran

Our number one exportable golden and yellow and thin raisin producing center is located in Takestan, Qazvin province, Iran. Our dear customers who intent to use the wholesale chance and reasonable prices can call the sales manager to buy the products directly from the factory. Different Types of Iranian Yellow and Golden Raisin One of […]

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Producing Golden raisin

Producing Excellent Exportable Yellow and Golden raisin

Golden or yellow raisin is produced in Arad raisin producing factory (Takestan, Qazvin province) with the best quality to be exported. You can call the selling center of this factory to order your demanded product. Excellent Yellow and Golden Raisin Yellow raisin which is called golden raisin too is produced in Iran to be exported. […]

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Price of Exportable Raisin

International Price of Exportable Sundried Raisin

You can call Arad raisin producing and packing factory to get information about three types of exportable sundried, golden and nitrated raisin. Different Types of Sundried raisin for Exports Sundried raisin is a common term we deal with in raisin business. It is known as round or tiny size raisin found in different colors like […]

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Buying Exportable Raisin

Buying Exportable Raisin Directly from the Factory

It is easily possible to buy exportable raisin directly from the raisin producing factory through this web site. You can remove the mediums and do your shopping directly from this raisin producing center. Different Types of Exportable Raisin Iran is known as first 5 country producing the best raisins in the world exported to many […]

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