Arad Raisin

Export Black Raisins

Mass distribution of dried black raisins for export

Mass distribution of dried black raisins used for domestic and export markets is done in this complex, and customers who intend to supply these products from production to consumption can make their purchase directly in this factory.   large raisins ⇓ Production of dried black raisins First of all, we must say that black raisins […]

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Production of raisins for export

Major raisin production company for export

The customer in this center can directly use the major raisin production company for export and buy the raisins of this collection with excellent quality and competitive price at the factory door.   yellow or golden raisins ⇓ Production of high quality raisins This complex means Arad Raisin Production Company in Qazvin Vineyard, which is […]

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Premium raisins for export

Premium Raisin Processing Company for Kuwait

Premium export raisin processing and packaging company for export to Kuwait or other Arab countries in the Persian Gulf is located on this site and customers can buy these products at a reasonable price at the factory door .   Golden raisins ⇓ pruduction of premium for export Iran is one of the producers of […]

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Bulk supplier of raisins

Bulk Supplier Bulk Raisins

The sales manager of the factory, which produces and mass- sells raisins in bulk and in part, is present on this site, and customers who are looking to supply these products directly from the factory can contact them by phone. Golden Raisins ⇓ Production of raisins Raisins are a name that you have heard many […]

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